1. Bet on Horses

From the recording Lockdown Insanity

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Bet on Horses

The desire to do the best I can is enough for me
You judge me by the shoes I wear but I got my education

Education’s preparation for information
In a nation where diversification
Is the occasion for pacification
And the expression of good relationship
Between civilisations
No provocation or intimidation
Harmonisation of common motivation
Cohabitation and collaboration

So forgive me if I don’t hold my fork the way you do
Forgive me If I am the chauffeur and you are the boss
Forgive me if you cannot see the problems that surround us
If we don’t listen to the same station
Forgive me if everything I see is an aberration
if you travel first class and I go second
Forgive me if you play chess and I play dominos
if I have friends and you have foes

Some just want to have a house or a mansion
If they already have one they want an extension
Others want to retire with a big pension
And live in a country with no tension
Stop punishing the weak with detention
How about putting the cash in prevention
All of us could benefit from differentiation
If only we pay more attention

Forgive me you’re the judge I am the one in the box
If you are the prince and I’m the peasant
Forgive me if I do not look the same way you do
if you bet in casinos I bet on horses

words and music by Renes BBWi © 2020